MGY – 03, 04 & 05 videos.

Rohit: કેમ છો?

Akhil: અમજામાં … મજામાં.

Rohit: તમો બંને સારા હશો ને આનંદમાં હશો.

Akhil: હા

Rohit: Have just watched the first video and going through the second one. Surely your audience follows you well and you have a good engaging style that captures the attention of your students. Here at this end, as a watcher of the video, it is not easy to follow your spoken word. I think you speak rather fast and remain incomprehensible on the video. I suggest you really go slow and distinguish your words clearly. This. I hope improves the quality of your video voice. Hope this comment helps. Best wishes and good luck for your video production.
I am going through the third video.

Akhil: thnx for your input

Rohit: The third one is only slightly better.

Akhil: will surely consider during our Kutcchh Tour

Rohit: No doubt you are a good and engaging speaker.
Well worth a try as it will make your spoken word more easy to follow on the video.

Akhil: Trupti is a video grapher who began filming with ZERO onhand experience … with NO knowledge of lights, angles, focus …;. and ….

Rohit: She is doing very well but there is scope for improving camera angle to bring you and your audience into focus in different ways and more creatively. Better to see faces of your audeince as well as they are your most important focus. Congratulations to her for what she has accomplished so far.

Akhil: yes …….. we are LEARNING somthing what we do not know EVERYDAY !!!

Rohit: WEll done indeed. Wishing you progress all around. Thanks.

Akhil: thankx.. Rohitbhai..

Rohit: Just finished the third video. Many thanks for sharing your vision and growing experience. Best wishes to you both. Have a nice evening. Bye.

Akhil: bye

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