Akhil Sutaria: Dr JadgishBhai Aghara will be our host in Morbi.
Akhil Sutaria: just for ur info
Akhil Sutaria: we will be screening our films in Polytech / Colleges / Ajanta / Orpat.
jagdishilpa: that is good but i do not know him
jagdishilpa: r u going to le college?
Akhil Sutaria: its ok……. so far I have not found anyone who can co-ordinate with LEC
jagdishilpa: i know one person there but not sure how useful he can be
Akhil Sutaria: I had even cross posted on orkut – Morbi community
Akhil Sutaria: i remember one of ur friend …. who runs a yahoo group ..
Akhil Sutaria: but dont have his contact
jagdishilpa: hussain
jagdishilpa: ya but he may not have a power
Akhil Sutaria: I think so
jagdishilpa: i know on of the professor there
Akhil Sutaria: can he run few miles to connect ?
jagdishilpa: he is my classmate but he is not even replying emails
Akhil Sutaria: see if you can else will surely jump in to Principal’s office at 11th hour .
Akhil Sutaria: lemme also gave good experiences !!!!
jagdishilpa: ????????
Akhil Sutaria: all details about tour / travel plans and downloadable pdf files giving info about the film show are available at
Akhil Sutaria: અરે શિલ્પાબહેન ……. સારા કે માઠા અનુભવ જ તો જીવન છે.
jagdishilpa: one of my other classmate and i contacted this morbi professor after 21 long years and he did not even reply so i m not sure if i call him he can be any help to u but if i can be any help i m ready to call him right now
Akhil Sutaria: ….. બહુ પરેશાન ના થાઓ …. બધું થઇ પડશે …. ભારતમાં તો આમ જ ચાલે ંે ને ?
jagdishilpa: wait
Akhil Sutaria: ઓકે..
Akhil Sutaria: મારા અહિના નંબર …. 9427 222 777 / 02632 243474 / 02632 240842
jagdishilpa: akhilbhai try this number
jagdishilpa: Anwar 919909173750
jagdishilpa: his name is Anwar Haque who works in power electronics dept
Akhil Sutaria: what did u tell him ?
jagdishilpa: just tell him that Shilpa gave me this number and he can at least give some links through u can reach to le
Akhil Sutaria: so I can take further from there ..
jagdishilpa: L E
Akhil Sutaria: ok
jagdishilpa: if u go to morvi u have to visit L E otherwise yr tour would be incomplete
Akhil Sutaria: haqueanwarul /
Akhil Sutaria: his ID am sending him info
jagdishilpa: yes but he may not check his mails
jagdishilpa: often
jagdishilpa: i tried to call him
jagdishilpa: my call did not go through
jagdishilpa: let me sms
Akhil Sutaria: I have already talked to him
Akhil Sutaria: got his ID
jagdishilpa: oh….
Akhil Sutaria: and have requested him to go through my mail and relevent info befor we plan an event for LEC
jagdishilpa: good at least he talked to u
Akhil Sutaria:
Akhil Sutaria: good people always talk to good people ….
Akhil Sutaria: the way u r talking to me too !!!!!
jagdishilpa: just to let u know he was my project parter,,, due to my marriage, i did not work on project at all he had to finish that alone….
jagdishilpa: i had this project with me till now
jagdishilpa: anyway,,, i wanted to thank him after 21 years….hahaha
Akhil Sutaria: didn’t you explain him your point of view ?
jagdishilpa: no….. i did not get that chance…
jagdishilpa: but it is ok
Akhil Sutaria: owe…..never ever delay when you want to say SORRY or THANK YOU.
jagdishilpa: he was the most helpful person since i was the only girl student in my department
Akhil Sutaria: just NIKE !!!
Akhil Sutaria: you know what is it ?
jagdishilpa: just do it
Akhil Sutaria: DO IT NOW !!!!
jagdishilpa: my son graduated last thrusday
jagdishilpa: i have to download some phots and videos.. so i will let u go
jagdishilpa: talk to u later
Akhil Sutaria: ok…
jagdishilpa: bye and go to my college and update me
jagdishilpa: a person who keeps college ground clean his name is Mr. Sanishbhai (golden eyes) there is temple inbetween main office and extended buidings….
Akhil Sutaria: keep visiting for all updates on my Project as will not be possible for sending out updates to individuals.
Akhil Sutaria: alternatively you may subscribe my news letter to stay informed.
jagdishilpa: shiv temple,, rani built it.. visit that…
jagdishilpa: and do not forget to visit MANimandir
jagdishilpa: do not think u will have an access to the new palace (without me!!!!!)
jagdishilpa: anyway byt now
jagdishilpa: bye
Akhil Sutaria: do dont know ……. what powewrs and access I have acquired
Akhil Sutaria: not boasting but ….. for sure its my asset
Akhil Sutaria: and crtedential.
jagdishilpa: new palace… is not open to public,, but when i was there, ,, the person who used to live there (rani’s brother in law) was my grandfa’s friend
jagdishilpa: and he let me n my entire girls group go there…..
Akhil Sutaria: हर ताले की चाबी होती है …
jagdishilpa: clarification: u r 10000 times more powerful than me…but u know waht i meant??
Akhil Sutaria: और हम चाबी तक पहुंवते है … ताला अपने आप खुल जाता है
jagdishilpa: good
jagdishilpa: all the best
Akhil Sutaria: yeh … I know you what did u mean ….. you have a deep feeling that I must not miss places worth visiting.


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